What can you do with additional driver’s fees


Do you want cheap 12 passenger van rental? There are various aspects that you need to consider. One of the issues you need to consider is additional driver’s fees. Whether you are planning to share driving, or you want your fellow traveller to steer the wheel, adding the other driver to your contract is quite convenient. Take a look here; if its $ per day, the charge can accumulate quickly, you have to avoid such a fee.

It’s very critical to put all the drivers that will drive the rental car to your contract. Ignore such hint, and the driver you didn’t list in the contract gets involved in an accident, it will be cumbersome for you.  A damage waiver or any insurance you may have in place will be void for not listing the additional driver. It isn’t worth taking a chance and be shocked with a huge bill.

So, what’s involved in car rental additional driver fees?

The fees depend on the location

Are you from California? Then you are lucky because California there are no such fees. This is applied by every company even if the added driver is a spouse of the main driver or an individual you are not related. However, you need to mention them on the contract.

Other states such as Nevada, Indiana, Oregon, Utah, Lowa, Wisconsin and Missouri allow the spouse of the primary driver’s spouse is the only authorized driver without a fee. And if it’s New York, the additional fee is $3 daily. States like Nevada, additional fee adjusts yearly depending on inflation. There no limits on additional driver fees in the remaining states.

What you should be keen on.

Most car rental companies have got exemptions such as spouses are automatic, and they don’t need the additional driver to be listed in the rental agreement. If the state law or the rental contract authorizes additional driver, they are automatically able to drive without signing the rental contract. If you specifically list them on the contract, chances are you may end up paying the fee even if they are allowed to drive for free by company policy or state law.


With little planning and researching, it’s possible to avoid paying a fee when you need to add a second driver to your rental. You may seem to downplay such fee since it seems to be small but when the total amount accumulates it becomes a huge amount of money.

No need of taking things lightly, you got other things that need your money. Additional drivers’ fee can be used somewhere. On your trip ensure you are extra careful. Don’t involve yourself on issues that will inconvenience, harm or cost you. We need you today, tomorrow, next week and even next year.

All your documents should be on point, enjoy your ride and keep the contract in your mind. Don’t breach it, no need of cases after your remarkable journey.